The Foundational Operating System Behind Multi 7-8 Figure Physical Therapy Powerhouses

Hi, I'm Edric Zheng, thanks for taking the time to visit my website.

MPR (Medical Patient Referrals) started as a journey for me to take my skills in the digital marketing industry to help local business owners and to make a living for myself.

Since it's inception, it's become so much more than that. I've built deep relationships with my clients in the physical therapy industry and come to understand how valuable their work is to their communities.

The reason why we chose to work exclusively with the physical therapy industry is because of sheer number of people that are suffering from pain and mobility and are unable to live their lives with freedom in mobility, strength in their bodies, and real legitimate compassion & concern from their doctors.

As one of my client's put it "there are not enough physical therapists in the country to help the people that need it"

We've been featured on Entrepreneur magazine and Forbes magazine because of our marketing expertise in helping physical therapy clinic owners scale their clinics.

We've helped some of the BIGGEST PT clinics in the United States achieve record breaking financial quarters in their business journey just by making a couple of small tweaks and implementing modern marketing strategies inside of their business.

We are now focused on building the operating system that the future generation of physical therapy clinic owners can use as their foundation to build their clinic into multiple 7 and 8 figure direct access power houses and change the face of healthcare in the United States.

America and it's citizens are in need of a dire approach to the treatment and education of pain, mobility, and strength.

We are looking forward to undertake this challenge with the top physical therapy companies in the country to change the model and state that the physical therapy industry is in and how physical therapy is viewed as a profession.

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Trusted and Used By The Biggest Physical Therapy Clinics!



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Trusted and Used By The Biggest Physical Therapy Clinics!

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