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Hi, I'm Edric Zheng. I help physical therapists scale their clinic with direct access advertising.

I'm currently generating scheduled patients for my PT clinics partners for less than $10 every time.

I’m considered to be one of the best, and most influential agency in the PT space. Paid advertising on social media platforms is exploding with direct access opportunity that your clinic could be missing out on.

Let me show you how much direct access patient opportunities you're missing out on and how we've taken our PT clinic partners to their best months yet despite the impact of CoVid-19. What do you have to lose?

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Working Now

I'd share with you what ads are working right now and the best practices so you don't have to waste money on bad marketing.

Tracking Your Results

How can I track the opportunities that come from my ads? I'll share the exact metrics you should be hitting and software to track your opportunities.

Free Goodies

E-Books, videos, cheat sheets, and much more. I'll give you everything that you need to run advertising profitably.

Trusted and Used By The Biggest Physical Therapy Clinics!


Direct Access Patient Marketing?

Follow These 4 Steps Below:

Step 1

If you don’t know what direct access marketing is, check out my free course.

Step 2

If you’re familiar with direct access marketing and need to know what software I recommend and how to track your results, click below.

Step 3

Improve your knowledge by reading my blog. It’s updated occasionally.

Step 4

Direct Access Performance Marketing is the best way to grow your clinic in 2020. Check out our results!


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