Medical Patient Referrals

Our mission is to help 100 PT clinics become direct access powerhouses so they never have to rely on physician and doctor referrals ever again using a systemized product.

Our strategy is designed to thrive and take advantage of change. While your competitors are resisting change – we help you take advantage of the consistently evolving marketing landscape and help you reap rewards beyond what you thought possible. Medical Patient Referrals educates people in a practice’s community about the power of physical therapy, gives the practice the tools PT clinics need to serve more patients, and, ultimately, drives business growth for clinics that genuinely care about making people better.

Our software helps automate the process of attracting patients, managing them and converting them. It provides consistent new patient flow with guaranteed results and ends reliance on physician referrals. Our industry-leading business training and coaching provide tailored solutions in marketing, finance, and practice management, so PTs can grow the practice that will allow them to serve more patients.

Our company of pioneering PT private practice owners are united by the purpose of helping people in pain get back to normal naturally through Physical Therapy instead of unnecessary pain medication or surgery.

Build a continuously improving and systemized DFY marketing agency that is generating profit every month helping physical therapy clinics generate direct access patients using FB & IG, so they never have to worry about new patients or rely on referrals.

Our company is maniacally tracking, measuring & continuously adapting, improving and making the product even better every single day for our clients and for the business systems itself.

Edric Zheng

Founder & CEO

After spending millions in personal capital to generate online sales on commission : Edric has developed insights and principles that allow any practice to consistently thrive and win in the marketplace.

Andy Zheng

Marketing Expert Co-founder

After scaling multiple e-commerce stores to 7 figures, Andy has transitioned his skills in growing PT Clinics. Ultimately, our growth is due to our passion and success with helping private practices go direct to the market for new patients.


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