Leveraging Facebook's Machine Learning Algorithm To Dominate Your Physical Therapy Marketing

"Facebook's Artificial Intelligence is Like a Heat Seeking Missile For Your Marketing Campaigns"

Scientific Marketing - Treating Your Marketing Like You Treat Your Patients

"A Scientific Approach To Your Clinic Marketing Means Guaranteed Success"

How To Generate 30+ New Direct Access Plan of Cares Consistently Each Month

"If you have nothing special to offer, why would patients decide to come to your clinic?"

Key Communication Skills That Are Even More Important Than Clinical Skills

"Being an owner and a leader means learning and instilling this culture into your team."

Your EMR Manages Retention and Revenue - Your CRM Manages Opportunities and New Patients

"Whatever gets measured, gets managed"

Understanding The Patient Scheduling Process When Going Direct Access

You only get One First Impression, Make Sure It Counts.

Why Paid Advertising Beats Organic Posts Ten out of Ten Times

Spending $5-$10 on Facebook advertising will get your offer, message, and brand seen by

1,000 people and will generate 1-3 new people reaching out to set an appointment with your physical therapy clinic.

Understanding How To Succeed As a Direct Access Focused Physical Therapy Clinic

"Prior planning prevents piss poor performance."

Building a Framework For Your Direct Access Patient Acquisition Machine & Maintaining it With Split Tests

Achieving any goal requires you to measure and track numbers on a consistent basis so you can see whether or not you are getting closer or away from goals.

How To Use Data To Find Tens of Thousands in Missing Revenue For Your Clinic

Achieving any goal requires you to measure and track numbers on a consistent basis so you can see whether or not you are getting closer or away from goals.

How To Come Up With Million Dollar Headlines For Your Physical Therapy Business

We've spent $92,354 to date and over 800 different Ads to figure out what works for you...

How To Come Up With Mind Numbingly Profitable Facebook Ads

Almost every physical therapy clinic approaches Facebook advertising & marketing the completely wrong way, and I can't blame them...

How To Increase the Life Time Value (LTV) of Your PT Patients

"Friends don't let friends become PT Mills' - A wise person As a physical therapy clinic owner, the most important thing you can do is figure out what the lifetime value of each of your patients is and how to bring that number up. For those that do not know what...

Conveyor Belt Sales System

Marketing Without a Follow Up & Sales System is Useless Spending money on marketing and not tracking the results is the most idiotic thing that you can do. If you're currently doing that, go and turn all your ads off and tell your marketing guy to create a system...

How To Generate Qualified Patient Leads on Facebook

Why You Need To Have A Successful Paid Marketing Strategy on Facebook Misconception : Facebook = Low Quality. We are currently generating consistent high quality patient leads for stem cell consultations for $10 on Facebook. If you're currently trying to grow your private...

Maximize Your Internet Leads

What will happen if you can't get to your leads fast enough. According to a 2007 study done on internet leads, your ability to schedule qualified patient consultations after 5 minutes pretty much goes to ZERO. So what's the solution? The only way that online marketing...

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