10 Marketing Lessons After Spending $169,000 on Facebook Ads For Local Physical Therapy Clinics

"A smart man learns from his mistakes, a wise man learns from others"

5 Factors That Contribute To Facebook Ads Marketing Success For PT Clinics

""80% of Your Results Come From 20% Of Your Actions"

Leveraging Facebook's Automatic Rules To Consistently Maintain $10-$20 Leads For Months With Unbelievable Ease

"Once AD creatives decline continuously for 24-48 hours, the performance from that AD won't recover. "

How a Call Auditing and Reporting System Can Help Your Clinic Generate an Extra 6 Figures in Revenue Per Month

“Over the course of a year, just missing 5 calls a day equals $1.8 million dollars in losses for your business, assuming each call is worth $1,000.”

Why We Specialize & Focus on FB Patient Acquisition For Clients

“Once you’ve designed and created a successful campaign on Facebook, you will reap 100x what you’ve invested.”

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