Recent Work

Dr. Steven Struhl -

In our first week of working together, Dr. Struhl scheduled over 10 stem cell consultations with our patient referral program



Patrick Foote – CMO at and

6 weeks working together, we help them add $100,000 in new patient revenue with our proven direct to consumer marketing program.

We leveraged Facebook and Instagram to generate extremely highly qualified leads that led to about $100,000 in new patient collections.

Shortly thereafter, he request us to run the same direct to consumer campaigns in 4 additional locations

High Quality Exclusive Qualified Patients Worth $100,000+ in New Patient Opportunities Every Month

Dr. Jerry Ejuwa -

In our first week working together, Dr. Jerry Ejuwa moved the first patient referral we sent him into long term care, collecting $5,000 in cash for his practice.

103 Leads in 3 Weeks?

With the average lead worth $5,000 in new patient revenue, you do the math.

Dr. Naumit Bhandari

In our first week working together, we sent him over 13 patient opportunities.


Can you handle an additional 5-10 Pre-Qualified Patients every week?