Conveyor Belt Sales System

Marketing Without a Follow Up & Sales System is Useless

Spending money on marketing and not tracking the results is the most idiotic thing that you can do. If you’re currently doing that, go and turn all your ads off and tell your marketing guy to create a system to track the most important KPI’s for your marketing campaign.

Your most important marketing KPI’s and metrics that you need to constantly measure and grow on a consistent basis.

  1. Total Email Subscribers
  2. Total Phone Numbers 
  3. Cost Per Email Subscriber
  4. Cost Per Phone Number
  5. Contact Rate For New Numbers
  6. Schedule Rate For Contacted Leads
  7. Show Rate For Scheduled Leads
  8. Close Rate For Shows
  9. Follow Up Close Rate For Shows

Total Email Subscribers

This is the easiest form of contact information that you can get from a new patient lead. Most patients will give you their email address if you provide valuable content or offer them something in exchange for their email address. Such as a Lead Magnet.

Why email addresses are an important piece of your marketing strategy. Emails are a channel of communication that allow you to stay in touch with your potential patients. They allow you to build a relationship over time, and establish trust. Without a relationship and without trust, most of your potential prospects will most likely not move forward with treatment.

Every single lead that you generate from paid advertising, only 3% of prospects are likely to move forward. That means that 97% of every single person that go to your website aren’t ready to make a buying decision. So you need a good follow up process.

So what do you do with new emails? You continously send them content and add value to their lives. That means educating them, and providing value. None of your competitors are doing this. When you do this, you are staying top of mind for the product and service you have. When your prospects are ready to move forward with care, guess who they’ll come to first? 


Because you’re the only one that has been continously educating them, and offering cotent and value. 

Total Phone Numbers

Phone numbers are more difficult to get from your potential prospects because no one likes to be called by strangers and sold on something. But if someone is willing to give you their phone number that means that they’re willing to speak to you. In this day and age if you get a phone number from your prospects you have a very good chance of moving them to the next stage of the sales process, which could be a free consultation or a lower tier offer to get them in the door.

Why do you think most practices offer free consutlation or lower tier offers? They know that they can’t sell a $5,000 package over the phone. So what do they do? Offer a free consultation so they can sell it in person. Phone numbers are valuable. Very Valuable. If you do get a phone number through your marketing campaigns, then you need to call it ASAP! Your time to contact will dramatically effect how many patients you will schedule for a consultation.

You want to get to a phone number within 5 minutes.

Anytime after 5 minutes, your chances of getting them interested in what you have to offer decreases dramatically. If this is a potential issue for your practice, ask about our Thunderbolt Lead Handling System.

Cost Per Email

This is where things get interesting, because when you start measuring your metrics you know exactly how much you can afford to spend on marketing. For example, if you know that for every 100 email subscribers you generate 3 new patients that move forward with long term care ($3,000 package). That means that each email is worth $90. ($9,000 / 100 email subscribers )

What happens if you know your numbers?

If you know an email address is worth $90 to you, that means that you can afford to pay $30 to get an email from your Facebook or Google marketing campaigns because you know that 2 months down the line the $30 that you spent upfront will turn into $90. Now, all you need to do is create a marketing campaign that is able to generate qualified email addresses under $30. You can do this using a Lead Magnet or collecting an email address in order for future patients to schedule an appointment.

Why would you make someone give an email address before scheduling an appointment? Well because you know that not everyone who is interested in an appointment will even answer their calls, let alone schedule an appointment, or even show up.

If you are currently not doing anything with your email addresses, you’re losing thousands of dollars every single month. This is also hurting your business valuation when you want to sell your practice. 

We guarantee an ROI with our Database Reactivation System, to take advantage of your email assets.