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Cadence PT had to Hire a Physical Therapist to Keep Up with Our Generated Patients!

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HealthActions PT scheduled 59 Patients in 5 Days!

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Clients See a Conversion Rate from Lead to Scheduled Appointments of as high as 60%!

We DOUBLED Patient Visits from our PT Partner in Long Island, NY from 35% to 65% in volume!

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"In 6 weeks, we captured around $100,000 in Revenue with Medical Patient Referrals"

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Edric Zheng June 27, 2020

We've perfected a system for physical therapists across the country to start generating $1,500+ reimbursement patients with medicare, blue cross, blue shield, united, and other private insurances without having to rely on physician and MD referrals.

What if I told you that we can actually guarantee ROI on our profitable direct access marketing system.

If you're experiencing a 50-90% decline in referrals because you've relied on physician referrals, now is the time to adapt and try our system to grow your clinic.

We have the most profitable system that for physical therapy clinic owners that are looking to expand and grow their business consistently and profitably...

We are the only company that is willing to PROVE results in the ENTIRE physical therapy industry.

I'm talking about a system that can help any physical therapy clinic owner transform into a direct access powerhouse within 30 days or less and add an extra 50 patient visits per week within 30 days, and see exponential growth every single month after that.

How would it feel to never have to worry about where your next patient is going to come from?

Imagine if you never had to deal with all these confusing marketing programs, products, platforms again and you had patients delivered to you on a silver platter.

All the while you are focusing on what you are good at, treating patients and helping them get better - while someone else does all the work that you don't need to do.

Hop on a call with us so we can show you exactly how we're generating these direct access patients for PT clinics!

  • We provide extensive training, sales scripts, and coaching to train your team to maximize ROI

  • We help nurture leads, follow up, and get more new faces into your door

  • Advanced AI targeting to show the right ad to the right people interested in your treatments

  • Get guaranteed leads and appointments to fill your calendar

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