How To Generate Qualified Patient Leads on Facebook

Why You Need To Have A SUccessful Paid Marketing Strategy on Facebook

Misconception : Facebook = Low Quality

We are currently generating consistent high quality patient leads for stem cell consultations for $10 on Facebook

If you’re currently trying to grow your private practice and you don’t have a successful paid marketing strategy, then you’re only a couple of negative reviews away from a massive drop in new patient revenue.

Guess what happens when you have an angry disgruntled patient who posts negative reviews on your google listing?

1 Negative Review = Slow Business

Diversify your risk in new patient acquisition for your practice.

No matter how much you invest in SEO and organic traffic, if someone comes in with a successful paid advertising strategy they will undo all of your hard work.

Start generating qualified patient consultations on Facebook consistently

Why compete for expensive clicks on Google?

Try getting a qualified lead on Google for $3.

It doesn’t exist.

Instead of trying to compete on Google Ads where clicks are expensive and saturated, go where your competitors won’t.

Start acquiring new patients using Facebook Ads. You’ll get a steady flow of new patients at a fraction of the cost. Allowing you grow sustainably.

The fish in the Facebook ocean are plenty and ready for the smart and patient fisherman.