Maximize Your Internet Leads

What will happen if you can’t get to your leads fast enough

According to a 2007 study done on internet leads, your ability to schedule qualified patient consultations after 5 minutes pretty much goes to ZERO.

So what’s the solution?

The only way that online marketing is going to work successfully is if your front desk can get back to leads quickly and follow up with them until they pick up the phone.


Let our professional team of patient schedulers call, qualify, and collect an upfront deposit for a consultation for you.

Most private practices will never see success from any online marketing efforts because of this reason alone.

Does that mean that you shouldn’t take advertise on Facebook?

You would be losing out on a lot of new patient revenue if you do neglect the Facebook marketing platform.

Especially since 90% of all marketing dollars will be spent on Google and Facebook in the next 5 years

You can’t afford not to have a successful paid advertising strategy in the near future. 

There are going to be new clinics popping up all around you, and they will take advantage of the new marketing strategies available to them. 

All your SEO and Reviews won’t mean anything if someone can pay a little money and be the first person on Google. 

Or pay a little money on Facebook and start monopolizing all patient leads on that platform.